HyNOx CubeSat Propulsion among the winners of the DLR Small Satellite Payload Competition

ISPTech is proud to announce that its 1U and 4U CubeSat HyNOx Propulsion Modules have been selected among the winners of the DLR Space Agency Small Satellite Payload Competition!
The competition award includes a small satellite platform provided by EnduroSat GmbH as well as the flight on a European microlauncher until 2025.
ISPTech looks forward to making the in-orbit demonstration of the HyNOx propulsion systems a reality. Thanks Deutsches Zentrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt e.V.! Stay tuned for more details. Picture © by DLR.

HyNOx Thruster Will Power BINAR’s Prospector Mission to the Moon

We are proud to announce our first international partnership!
Curtin Space Science and Technology Centre’s (SSTC) upcoming Binar Space Program Prospector mission will use a HyNOx propulsion system developed by ISPTech.

The cubesat will survey the surface of the moon to identify lunar resources, and will include a HyNOx propulsion system with a 1N thruster as well as thrusters developed by Binar.

The propulsion system is capable of increasing the spacecraft’s velocity by more than 700km/h and builds on more than 10 years of research and development activities at DLR in the field of in-space propulsion.
It will support Binar’s mission with green, reliable, high-performance and cost-effective propulsion technology. Read the full press release here:

International space partnership taking WA tech to new heights – News at Curtin | Curtin University, Perth, Australia